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Christof Schöch: “Open Access to Research Data: Creating, Publishing and Using Text Collections for Research in Digital Literary Studies”, DARIAH-Italien Summer School Models for Open Access Publishing, Villa Vigoni, Italien, 9.-11.6.2015 (Gastvortrag / invited lecture). – Programme.

Christof Schöch: “Collaborative Academic Writing: Tools and Features”, Session Digital Humanities And The Tyranny of Distance, org. Erik Champion, Digital Humanities Australasia, 17.-21.3.2014, University of Western Australia, Perth (Vortrag, via Skype). +info+pdf

Christof Schöch: “Wissenschaftliches Bloggen im Kontext digitaler Publikationsmedien”, Workshop Geisteswissenschaftliches Bloggen – wie, warum und wozu?, org. Anne Baillot, Berlin, Centre Marc Bloch & DARIAH-EU, 24.01.2014 (Gastvortrag / invited lecture). +info +pdf