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Christof Schöch: “Lost in Beccaria, or: Building and Exploring a Corpus of Eighteenth-Century Editions and Translations of Beccaria’s Dei delitti e delle pene (1764) in the MetaLex project”. Digital Methods and Resources in Legal History (DLH2020), international Conference. Frankfurt: Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (MPIeR).  – to be delivered remotely in March 2021.

Christof Schöch, Maria Hinzmann, Katharina Dietz, Julia Röttgermann, Anne Klee: “Smart Modeling for Digital Literary History”. Smart Data ╳ Digital Humanities: 11th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (DADH2020), Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, Dec. 1-4, 2020. – To be delivered remotely

Christof Schöch & Maria Hinzmann: “Mining and Modeling Text: Informationsextraktion und Linked Open Data für die Literaturgeschichtsschreibung”. Konferenz Informationen – digital verpackt, Zentralbibliothek Zürich, 22.-23. Sept. 2020. – Eingeladener Vortrag, delivered remotely.

Claudine Moulin und Christof Schöch, “Cesare Beccaria’s Dei delitti e delle pene (1764): Approaching the multilingual textual and paratextual tradition from an (undogmatic) digital point of view”, Workshop in Honor of Jan-Christoph Meister, University of Hamburg, 23.1.2020.