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Workshop session: “Distributional semantics and topic modeling: theory and application”, Baltic Summer School of Digital Humanities: Essentials of Coding and Encoding, org. Anda Baklane, National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia, July 23-26, 2019. – 2 x 90 min. – 🔗 Programme

Workshop Word Embedding Models with Gensim, mit Ryan Heuser, org. Christof Schöch. Universität Trier, 12-13 June 2018. – Mit einem Abendvortrag “Computational Keywords: Historical Semantics and Cultural History, 1660-1830” von Ryan Heuser.

Christof Schöch, “Using Word Embeddings to Support Methods of Quantitative Text Analysis”. Workshop Embedded Humanities – The Use of Distributional Models in the Digital Humanities, org. Fotis Jannidis and Mike Kestemont / DARIAH TDA Working Group, im Rahmen der Jahrestagung des DHd-Verbands, Thema: Kritik der digitalen Vernunft. Universität zu Köln, 27.2.2018. – Informationen.

Christof Schöch: “Quantitative Approaches to Textual Semantics”, Session Digital Humanities: Text and the Machine, org. Anne Baillot and Sinai Rusinek, German-Israeli Frontiers of Humanities Conference 2017 (GISFOH), Jerusalem, Israel, 10-13.9.2017. – Invited lecture. – Informationen.