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Christof Schöch: “Wiederholende und wiederholbare Forschung in den Digital Humanities”. Workshop Das digitale Bild – Methodik und Methodologie: fachspezifisch oder transdisziplinär?, org. Hubertus Kohle und Hubert Locher. Philipps-Universität Marburg / DDK – Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, 12.–13. November 2020. – Abendvortrag, delivered remotely.

Christof Schöch: „Current Challenges in Computational Literary Studies“. CDH 2020. Benevolence and Excellence: Digital Humanities and Chinese Culture. Shanghai Library, October 20-21, 2020. – Keynote, delivered remotely.

Christof Schöch: “Repeating and Repeatable: Digital Literary Studies between Past and Present”, Interroger le texte à l’ère de l’intelligence mécanique : la stylistique outillée, au carrefour du disciplinaire et de l’interdisciplinaire, Montpellier, France, June 11-12, 2019. – Keynote.

Christof Schöch: “Towards a Resarch Agenda for Data-driven Approches to Literary Periods”. Annual conference of The Coordinating Committee for the Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages Series (CHLEL): ‘Period Shapers in Literary History’, org. Dirk van Hulle. University of Antwerp, 24.5.2018. – Keynote.